About Us


Recover, Redeem, Restore

Who is Broken Chains Apparel? We are an online custom shirt retailer. We create our own unique designs that are inspired by our Family, Friends and Customers.

Now to introduce myself personally. My name is David, and, first and foremost, a Man of God, next, a husband to an amazing wife, Jamie (who I don’t deserve), a dad to 4 wonderfully grown adults, Courtney, Anthony, Tommy and Morgan, a Poppy to 4 amazing granddaughters, Kenlee, Havenn, Lilly and Emmy, a Biker riding for Jesus and the Owner of Broken Chains Apparel. But ultimately I am just a guy who has battled addiction for many years. That addiction left me when the chains were broken by God when I finally surrendered everything to him. Hence, our business name Broken Chains Apparel.


Why did this business start? I have always loved the idea of designing custom shirts but never had the faith or real reason until now. I decided to step out in faith and let my past addiction be something that could actually drive inspiration. There are so many people who find recovery and should be proud of it! So I decided to start by creating shirts that can be someones testimony of recovery that they can wear and be proud of. Those who find recovery should celebrate recovery. 


What do we sell? Mainly t-shirts and hoodies. But we will be venturing into hats, phone cases, mugs, etc. We can also design custom shirts for your business or organization. 


Where do you post? 

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How can you be contacted? First off we’d love to hear from you, for any reason! Send us your testimony if you would like, ask us for prayer if you need to or just say hi!

You can message us on Facebook or Instagram, or you can email us at sales@brokenchainsapparel.com, or shoot us a text at 704-928-7417. We typically are able to respond the same day.